Handling Authy's desktop app deprication

Thursday, 15 February 2024

Earlier this week, Twilio publically announced that Authy would be ending their Windows, Linux, and MacOS apps.

Starting March 19, 2024, Twilio Desktop Authy apps will reach their end of life (EOL). Beyond this date, you can access most of the desktop features and functionality in the mobile Authy apps.

It is lovely that I can access ‘most’ of the functionality on via the mobile apps… but what if I need to access the 2fa codes on my Mac? Not helpful.

I’m considering switching away, however in the meanwhile what is the stop gap?

Authy’s iOS app will install on MacOS. Running iOS apps on MacOS is fine. Not great, but fine. You can download it from the App Store.

One thing that caught me out while getting it going was that getting it set up for the first time required me to authenticate via SMS rather than verifying via the app installed on another device. 🤷

It’s good enough for now.

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