Solar Panelled Roads

07 September 2009

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One of the problems with the 21st century is the need for power, and the further into this century we go the more power we are going to need.  As such the US government has just invested in a small company called Solar Roadways.  This new company is putting together a prototype stretch of road made from solar panelling.  So while cars are rushing over the top the solar panels are just taking in the sun light... clever really!

One of the other neat things about these panels is that they will include LED lights so that traffic warnings could be displayed on the road.  But the even cleverer thing is that they could be fitted with some form of heating element that would prevent snow and ice.  So as well as generating power they would make the roads safer.

The panels won't come cheap, however if they do go down with the amount of roads across the US it would go a long way to keeping up with the energy demands.

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