Alice in Wonderland; A Small Rant

Saturday, 29 May 2010

It’s been a little while since I used this blog as a platform for a good old rant, the last time was in fact February, so I felt a new rant was well overdue! Today’s rant is on the topic of Alice in Wonderland not on the film itself, I’ve already reviewed it on this blog, rather the publicity of the film and various merchandise.

Today I’ve been listening to the soundtrack to Alice in Wonderland, written by Danny Elfman on Spotify. I have no complaints about Danny Elfman, he is a stunning composer, just go and listen to the score from Spiderman 2 if you don’t believe me! There is a reason Tim Burton has a list of ‘go to people’ when making films; they are normally great.

[Begin Rant]

What I just don’t understand is this; if the film is called Alice in Wonderland, and the main character is Alice… why in all of the main publicity and products is the Mad Hatter the feature character and Alice only appears sometimes? The main trailer gives more screen time to the Mad Hatter and credits Johnny Depp, while not even mentioning Mia Wasikowska who plays Alice, let alone the rest of the all star cast. Then moving on to the DVD/BluRay cases and the CD artwork, they both feature the Mad Hatter and no Alice… Seriously? What is this about?

Craziness. Fact.

[/End Rant]

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