Easter. Kenya.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

As a Christian, Easter is a time of celebration for myself and my family. Today, however, I am in shock from the news of the attacks in Kenyan university directed at the Christian students. While I don’t know any of the individuals who lost their lives on Thursday, my work with IFES put me in touch with staff and students in universities all over the world, including within Kenya. Today I read this message from the IFES movement in Kenya:

We can confirm that the Christian Union members in a prayer meeting in Garissa University College were among the first targets of the terrorist attack. It appears most of whom died. They have gone to be with the master whom they loved and served. We pray for strength for the relatives as they seek to identify bodies, and rest them in peace. Shalom. - FOCUS Kenya

I am grieved by the murders of these students, and the many others who died proclaiming Christ in Garissa University. I pray for the families, friends and the groups like FOCUS Kenya struggling in the aftermath. But I praise God for the life of these students, who through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, are with ‘the master whom they loved and served’.

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