A wonderful customer experience

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Bad customer experience is awful. Have you ever tried to make amendments to train tickets if you've accidentally selected the wrong day? It's painful. It's at these points when you make decisions whether you will purchase from that company again. It's easy to provide a great experience when you are trying to sell a thing. There is a clear incentive for the company to make the path smooth or interactions with a sales rep lovely. But when cash has changed hands... well then everything changes.

Here's to Orblieb, a company that has just done well by me. If you've been around me in London this year, you'll have noticed that I am normally accompanied by a big red bag or two that clip to my bike. I bought these about 14 months ago and they have been my companions through the worst of trips across London and joys of UK weather.

So think of my distress when one of the clips which is used to attach the bag to the bike sheers off as I clip it on last week. Gutted.

Turns out that Ortlieb have a great warranty and quick response. All that I needed to do was to snap a photo of the broken part on my bag, uploaded it to their website and the process was started. I was quickly contacted by Sabine in Germany who informed that she had passed my information on to George in the UK who would handling my issue. George looked at the photo and mailed me a replacement part. Job done. Five working days turn around. Amazing. Thank you both.

If you are ever looking for pannier bags for your bike I'm keen to recommend Ortlieb. They're not the cheapest on the market, but they are really good, and their after sales support is excellent.

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